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Writing, Nearing The End

If you’ve been writing all month, you may be getting ready to start, or are already in the last chapter of your project. As you are nearing the end of your project, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Did you say what you either set out to say, or told the reader you would? Fact or fiction, try to tie up any loose threads in your last chapter. You’re still not editing yet, that will be soon, but you want in your rough draft as much as possible, to craft a cohesive story.

Prepare to end on a high note. Even if it’s a tragedy you are writing, though I try to avoid those personally, write hope into it. Don’t leave a reader with a sense of sadness, or a feeling of having wasted their time. Give them a reason to learn from the book, and a road sign on how it can be a positive for them.

Lastly, try to avoid making your last two or three sentences into a performance. The first and last words of a book are very important, but trying to hard is almost always a mistake. In the next drafts, and the edit you can adjust them, but avoid the self pressure right now. Let the chapter finish naturally, there will be time to make course corrections.

As exciting as nearing the end of any project can be, I would encourage you to pace yourself. Too many races, recipes, and writing projects, have been detoured in the last lap. Consistency has brought you here, and it can help you complete your current journey.

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