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Very soon you’ll have completed your first writing project, at least the rough draft. You may go through a number of drafts before the final, but here are some suggestions which may help in the process.

First, unless on a deadline, I would suggest putting your rough draft in a drawer for a few days. Distance will help you to be more objective.

Time will also work towards preventing writer’s doughnut. If not careful, as a writer, when you see gaps in your writing, your mind will patch right through them. You know what you wanted to say, and almost automatically, your brain fills in the gap. Stepping away will allow you to spot the holes easier, without mental compensation. Like a doughnut spare, it’s not real support if you don’t see the gaps.

Next I would suggest asking someone you trust, who is neither too accommodating or too critical, to read it. Explain to them, it’s a rough draft, and you’re looking for holes. I would also explain you’re not necessarily talking about grammar, but plot, storyline, and concept. You will need to do a grammar edit on the final draft.

Finally, when you read it, avoid extreme emotions either way. Some people hate everything they write, others overly appreciate their own work. The truth lies somewhere in the middle generally. Also, having an open mind helps you to improve your writing, but being overly critical of your own work is not good either.

Getting to this point means that you have put on paper a dream. You’ve written, and you’re a writer. Perhaps not published yet, but you are farther than you were just a few days ago. This should be celebrated, and remembered through the drafting process.

Editing can, at times be tedious, but you would never have gotten to editing, had you not written. Congratulations on this milestone. I want to encourage you through the next phase, it’s definitely worth it!

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