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The Merchants And Joseph

I have read it supposed that the gold, frankincense, and myrrh, beyond what they represented, also funded the journey to Egypt. In that day, gold was easily spendable, but the other two required Joseph to find merchants to buy them. We know he was successful, but have you ever thought of the scene?

They leave hastily, warned by God’s Angel in a dream. I realize God knew what was planned, but Joseph had a limited vision. He had to trust that The One Who had in trusted him, would accomplish it. I believe God directed Joseph in the path to coincide with not just merchants, but the right ones.

They may even have seen Mary and Baby Jesus, either outside, or inside a shop. I wonder if they could sense something was different about this couple, about The Child? Either way, though unrecorded, people played a role in helping Joseph, Mary, and Jesus arrive in Egypt. How many has God used in all of our lives, that we were not even aware of?

Is it possible that one of these merchants, thirty years later, found themselves in Jerusalem or Galilee? Could they have heard The Christ speak, when once they heard Him coo as an infant? Do you remember conversations about God that happened around you, before you came to Him? These are not coincidences, they were seeds.

Whether they knew it or not, these merchants were blessed with a meeting Kings longed fo have. This was an audience with The Creator Of Heaven, wrapped in skin, bone, and His Mother’s arms. How grateful should we be when He hears us, wrapping us in His arms?

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