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Every Generation

I captured this picture this morning. Nicholas was fascinated by The Nativity Scene. Every generation still wonders at Christ’s birth. Good days, bad days, difficult years, pleasant ones, one thing is constant, God’s Love for us all.

He loves us beyond Adam’s fall. Beyond the flood, and Babel’s tower building. Christ loved us enough to send Moses, and help him overcome his stutter. Then to send every prophet who whispered The Savior is coming. What’s exciting is both that God loved us enough to send a promise, and that He is ever faithful in fulfilling it.

Whether your 2020 has been filled with joy or questions, happiness or hurting, He understands. His entry into this life was filled with rejection, and that continued on to Calvary. Yet He never rejected us, instead Jesus repeats what He said in Galilee. “Come unto me, all you that are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

Aren’t you glad there is rest in 2020? No matter the situation, we have hope. It’s still found in The God Of Bethlehem. The wise of every age and generation, still seek The Savior born in a Manger! They also whisper, He is coming again!

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