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Moving Christmas Tree

For years we had stationary trees. Now, we have ornaments that suddenly find themselves being placed back on the tree in different places. The reason being little hands who say mine, and pick a reindeer, rocking horse, or plastic ball off of the tree. Yes, we love moving Christmas Trees.

The joy of Christmas with a child is wonderful, messy, and amazing. Ashley and I don’t mind the mess, because of message attached to it, “he’s only this young once.” There will be other Christmases, but not at 20-21 months.

We’re not brilliant parents, but some extraordinary ones taught us to savor every moment. So we laugh, take as many pictures as possible, and focus on our miracle. Even then, there are reminders that you’ve become distracted with distractions, and you almost missed a milestone.

I’m sure we have let some things slip through our fingers, but hopefully very few. Ashley and I want Nicholas to have the best Christmas ever, but not at the cost of missing Christmas with him. I would encourage you this year, not to get so caught up with making 2020 the best Christmas ever, that you miss making memories.

Trying to hard can make it tedious, but rejoicing in the unexpected, can make memories you never forget. Whether your Christmas is simple, or filled with events, I hope you experience the joy of your Christmas. For like our tree, it’s never stationary.

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