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Gouache White Reindeer

The term used is negative painting in watercolor and gouache, when you paint the outline of something instead of the object itself. In that way, it’s like a Christmas present. You see the wrapping, maybe an outline of a shape, but the present is hidden.

Maybe 2020 has been like this for you. Because of the events of this year, you can barely see even the outline of hope. Yet I promise you, it is there.

Every generation, every tragic event, every life, has seen joy born into it. That does not mean your situation is any less painful, only that there is hope beyond the pain. The key isn’t even in finding hope, but the way you search for it.

To find hope and joy, you must first look in the right places. As a person of faith, I believe that starts with God. I’ve seen men and women of God, who faced the unimaginable, and saw them receive hope and joy in the midst of it.

Another very important place, is in your family and friends. Things can be scary, stressful, and jaw dropping, but your loved ones have open hearts, and open arms. People who love you, do so, not because your life is perfect, but because you are in there lives.

Thirdly, I would encourage you to find joy by remembering where you came from. This is not your first challenging situation, you’ve made it out of problems before. Remembering the last time you had a victory, will remind you of how you got there before. The circumstances may be different, but at the very least you’ll be reminded you’ve experienced victory.

We can get through any challenge we face. No matter how difficult, there is a way out. I believe this with all my heart, and it’s been my experience, you find what you look for, even if it’s just an outline.

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