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Have you ever wondered what minute and hour Our Lord was born? We discuss the date, but what about the time? Was it 8:05, 10:09, or midnight? What does that matter, because the moment it happened, a new era dawned.

That second began a transition from when would He arrive to, what will He do next? Creation had longed to see Him, now they watched every movement, and so did Mary. Her and Joseph were fascinated, God is in our midst.

This year, we’ve seen much uncertainty, debated the moments, and gasped at the unfolding of events. Yet, remember God is in our midst. Bethlehem happened, Calvary happened, and He ushered in something 2020 can’t erase.

Our lives may see moments we’ve never seen before, but God is with us. This is nothing compared to the certainty of Heaven on Earth. God will stop at nothing to make every second count, we must do the same.

This Christmas, savor the 8:05, and 10:09. In other words, don’t miss the specialness of every hour. You never know when the miraculous will happen in a moment’s time. Before you know it, it will be midnight, and you’ll be in a new era!

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