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All Of Our December’s

His hand has never slipped. He has never acted too quickly, or moved to slow. What we assume as a delay, is exactly on schedule. While we view 2020 as a challenge, disaster, or a series of horrible occurrences, it fits perfectly in the timeline of The Master.

This is true, not because the year was great, but because Our God is. He is so great, Herod couldn’t stop Him. The Pharisees couldn’t end Him, and Death couldn’t hold The Lord Jesus. 2020 will neither stop His purpose, or His people.

As we stand on the edge of a new year, neither you nor I know what it holds. We do know the God Who blessed us with all of our December’s, has a plan for January and beyond. We wonder about the end times, while He plans Eternity, which just a reminder, He invented.

I don’t have any predictions for 2021, except this. The nail scarred hands that are holding you and I are not perspiring. The pulse rate isn’t elevated, and no infection will affect His strength. He hears and cares, but as Pastor Jason said recently He is not alarmed. The God of yesterday, today, and forever will continue to continue, and care for all which place their future in His hands.

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