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    Don’t Stop Encouraging

    In part three of our Encouragement series, we encourage you to singing your song. Had I used the word believing, a song would have went through your head. Encouraging really is believing in others, and while there can be challenges, it’s worth repeating. Don’t stop encouraging. There will be pitfalls along the way. When those you encourage become frustrated, they may sometimes lash out at you. They’re not really upset at you, they’re upset at what they’re facing, themselves, or simply need to vent. I would encourage you, if at all possible, to remain a voice of encouragement in their lives. I’m not saying to remain in a toxic relationship,…

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    iPainting Ocean Bubbles

    I saw a video of Ocean Bubbles, and I just had to paint it. This iPainting of Ocean Bubbles reflects God’s fascinating power, even in the most minute details. Billions of ocean bubbles have been in the waters that no one has ever seen, and yet God made them beautiful How much more does He love and care for us than them!

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    Encourage – Pour Into Others

    We hope you enjoy part two of our series on Encouragement. I believe you should seek to encourage as many as you can, but I would like to share three groups you should pour into. These won’t cover all of them, but it will help you to get started. First, and the most obvious, your loved ones. Your family, and friends need to know something beyond that you love them. They need to know you believe in them. Remember, encouragement isn’t usually advice, or to simply supporting them. You may advise some, but you can encourage all. The next group are those who have no direct way of benefiting you.…

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    Tools Of Encouragement

    This is the first of a three part series on encouraging others. We hope it encourages you. Encouragement is always welcome. Unlike advice, opinion, and criticism, encouragement doesn’t require a direct invitation. That doesn’t mean that timing isn’t involved, there is a time and season for all tings. It does mean that a wise encourager can always add value. I’m talking about encouragement without expectation of anything in return. Great encouragers main focus isn’t networking, or personal benefit. That can be a side effect, but great encouragers are simply attempting to add value to others. I have seen many encouragers along the way, and I’m attempting to encourage others myself…

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    iPainting Violin Quartet

    A violin quartet doesn’t just combine the sounds of instruments. It combines the talent and history of the four musicians, their training, history, and experiences. Each one’s style and subtleties adds to the performance. The same is true of any collaboration, we are better together than we ever are alone. When you work to compliment each other, you add value to everyone. A cohesive team creates something you could not independently. Getting to the finish line as a team, is always a symphony. It may take a lot of rehearsal, but it’s worth the investment. A quartet can do so much more than a soloist can.

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    PruittWrites Latest Book- Israel, Through The Eyes Of Jacob And Moses

    I love the history of Israel. God birthed a family, to produce a nation, to give birth to The Savior. Israel’s history began with Abraham and Isaac, yet God used Jacob and Moses to define their future. God has given me what I consider one of the most important books I’ve written, “Israel, Through The Eyes Of Jacob And Moses”, on the events that brought this about. Each chapter focuses on one of the tribes. We explore Israelites from the obscure to the famous. Shaul the son of Simeon, Tola the Judge, Anna the Prophetess, each of these people’s story are part of the greater history of Israel. Places like…

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    iPainting Emperor Penguin Antarctica

    Emperor Penguins have always fascinated me. Especially the fact that God placed these beautiful animals in Antarctica for people to discover. God always places unexpected blessings in your path to encourage you to go forward.

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    The Tribe Of Asher

    Numbers 2:27 27 And those to camp next to him shall be the tribe of Asher, the chief of the people of Asher being Pagiel the son of Ochran, Nothing with God is an accident. That’s not to say that every second of time is micromanaged. Most people misquote  the Scripture, “All things work together for good to them that love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.” All things aren’t good, or even divinely intended, but God melds the events of our days to bring us to that great day that is to come. Solomon said life and chance happen to us all. David said Thy…

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    The Tribe Of Levi

    The following is the last chapter in our Bible study on Israel, Through The Eyes Of Jacob And Moses. This is also the title of the upcoming book on this study. We hope you enjoy this chapter on the Levi’s of The Word Of God. There were two of them. One sat in a custom house, collecting taxes. The other, with his brothers, avenged his sister’s honor. These are not what you would think when I say Apostle, and tribal founder, but both of them were Levi. Levi, the son of Jacob in Genesis, and Matthew called Levi in the beginning of The New Testament. At the beginning of both…