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God Is In The Business Of People

God is in the business of people. He has been since before time began. God made the worlds, so He could make man. Everything we see, is designed for us. He cares about everything from the sparrows to the mountain lions, but people are His focus.

He focuses on us, not because we deserve it. Even before the fall, the creation is never greater than The Creator. However, If God loved us enough to form us, knowing all of the repercussions of it, why do we worry? Why is it, myself included, that we think He’s somehow missed the problem that we can’t get around?

He didn’t miss the problems of Abraham, Moses, David, or Stephen. Each one’s circumstances were different, and their experiences, but everyone had God’s hand holding them. We measure problems by time, circumstances, and how it affects us. He measures them by how they deepen our faith, stretch our kindness, and expand our possibilities.

One of those men I mentioned, David said, “I’ve been young, and now I’m old, but I haven’t seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” David had been hunted, they had tried to murder him, and called him everything you could imagine. Yet through it all, He held to God, knowing that God was carrying him through.

That didn’t mean that David always knew where he would end up, but he knew one thing. David knew that wherever he ended up, God would be there, because he was following after him with all of his might. David also knew, if he followed after God with all his heart, his children would never be without what they needed.

David knew that God would take care of his kids, because he had seen Him kill the giant, defeat Saul, and secure him in either a cave or a castle. I don’t know what all we’ll go through, and I’ll be the first to admit that I worry far more than I should, but I’ll tell you this. Those in His hand are secure, because God is the best in the business of taking care of people!

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