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Encourage – Pour Into Others

We hope you enjoy part two of our series on Encouragement.

I believe you should seek to encourage as many as you can, but I would like to share three groups you should pour into. These won’t cover all of them, but it will help you to get started.

First, and the most obvious, your loved ones. Your family, and friends need to know something beyond that you love them. They need to know you believe in them. Remember, encouragement isn’t usually advice, or to simply supporting them. You may advise some, but you can encourage all.

The next group are those who have no direct way of benefiting you. I once knew a wealthy man, a charitable man, he gave to many. Yet, so many people attempted to take advantage of his generosity that he seemed to have few true friends. A true friend is your friend, regardless of what you may or may not have, or even lose.

The third group is actually made up of two groups, but they’re connected. They are those younger than you, and those older than you. The younger definitely need someone further along to encourage them. Again, your goal isn’t advice, it’s “I believe in you.”

The older need you as much as the younger, they are two ends of the same spectrum. Like the young, they get plenty of advice, but fewer voices who say I believe you can still accomplish things. There may be things they no longer do, but that doesn’t mean they can no longer do great things.

Be the voice that says “You are valuable.” Cultivating a life of encouraging will encourage others to follow suit. A life well lived is a life of believing in others. Encouraging others is one of the greatest adventures of my life.

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