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Don’t Stop Encouraging

In part three of our Encouragement series, we encourage you to singing your song.

Had I used the word believing, a song would have went through your head. Encouraging really is believing in others, and while there can be challenges, it’s worth repeating. Don’t stop encouraging.

There will be pitfalls along the way. When those you encourage become frustrated, they may sometimes lash out at you. They’re not really upset at you, they’re upset at what they’re facing, themselves, or simply need to vent. I would encourage you, if at all possible, to remain a voice of encouragement in their lives.

I’m not saying to remain in a toxic relationship, but don’t allow one disagreement to destroy a relationship. The relationship is always more important than the argument. Also, don’t allow a bad experience to spur you on lifting others.

Lifting can strain muscles, but they also build up. Each of us will have bad experiences in life, but it’s our choice whether we allow them to change us. I would encourage you to continue to encourage, because in many ways, it is as vital as oxygen.

People will be suspicious of encouraging people. They’ll look to see what your angle is, which is understandable in our world. Eventually, all but cynics will see you are simply a voice for others. Once they do, they’ll seek out your voice more and more.

As I said previously, you don’t encourage for yourself, but you will be blessed by it. Every worthwhile activity faces opposition and experiences reward. Once encouraging others becomes your theme song, it’ll be a tune those around you can’t get out of their head.

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