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The Writer Encourager: Keep Something In Your Garage

I heard a comedian say, at this point, I’ve got nothing left in my garage to sell. She meant merchandise of her specials, etc, but I guarantee you she has something in her mental garage. If you’re a writer, or content creator, keep an idea handy for the future.

There are different categories of items in a real garage. Current items, projects in various stages, and things that haven’t been touched in years. The same should be true somewhat, of an idea garage.

Current items are those things you’re excited about right now. Projects that you can’t wait to work on. These are the things that aren’t yet done, but you’re passionate about developing.

Other things should be projects in various stages, even some ideas that have not yet been completed. At any given time, I have at least three or four writing projects I’m working on. I like to keep the idea garage filled with variety. It helps maintain creativity for me.

Then there are the boxes of things that seem to just not be able to come together. We all have ideas that just seem to not be work. I’ve had ideas that went through various different attempts before they took form.

There are two important points about these ideas. First, don’t force an idea. If it doesn’t work for one project, after a couple tries, put that idea back on the garage shelf. Second, don’t throw it out. It may never work, or it may be the perfect idea for another project. If you throw it away, you’ll never know.

I would encourage you to write every idea down, even if it’s two words on a piece of paper. While details are wonderful, you can develop your own garage box labels. Words that bring to mind the core of your original idea when you revisit.

A full physical garage can be a problem, but a full idea garage can reap incredible benefits. Both should have some working organization to them, for your own benefit. It’s not about a perfect system, but one that is easily accessible.

Keeping your idea garage full will enable you to continue to produce original content throughout your life. It will bless you with options in those times when you feel like you don’t have any fresh ideas. At times, the freshest idea you can have, is one that’s been sitting in your garage for a while.

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