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Your Work Of Art

Art is where desire, dedication, story, experience, perhaps talent, and learned skill combine. I say perhaps talent because I’ve seen people with little to no talent become great artists. This has more to do with desire and dedication than talent.

That is not to say some are not naturally talented, merely that a lack of talent isn’t a dead end. The same is true in other walks of life. People with a love of music have become great patrons, or even worked in the music industry. They did not allow their voice or inability to play an instrument stop them from being part of music.

Practicality has to be play a role. I don’t get to sing solos to a room with people in it, but I have written about great singers. Whether a painting of mine ever is in a gallery I don’t know, but my Abraham Lincoln is on display at the Church’s school.

I’ve watched paintings and sculptures made in the hills of Arkansas, appraise for thousands. The point is not the price, but the value. When you pursue the right things, because we do need to make sure what we pursue is the right course, you will find value.

I believe in passion for what you do, but I do believe passion must align with purpose to help our lives be in tune. However, don’t apply value with the wrong currency. Art is not my career, but it is an important part of my life, though not all of it.

To me, beyond being something I love which I do, it’s something that I desire to be used to benefit others. I want it to be a bucket I can pour out of, into the lives of others. The same with writing, or other interests. Even something that may seem comical, or from childhood, I want to use it to bless others.

To me, if it can inspire others, that is art. Whether it’s a picture, piece of clay, or stump carved with a chainsaw, it doesn’t matter. If it betters someone else towards a noble purpose, or brings comfort to a saddened heart, it’s a work of art. I encourage you today to pursue with purpose, as my Pastor Denny Livingston would say, your work of art.

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