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Invest In Others

Invest in others, not for your own return, but for theirs. Whether you can invest in them financially or not, we all can give a smile. Many times a kind or supportive word is worth more than gold.

My hope is, in some way, to pour into others, the way I’ve been poured into. We are a blessed family, not through our own merit, talent, or power, but through the lives of so many. People who have taken the time to speak into our lives miracles, for God used them make no mistake, have transformed our lives.

Every person has something they can give another. Kindness, attention, your time, even in small increments will multiply in the lives of others. Those who have invested in our family, have changed our world.

What life can you transform through a kind word, or no words at all? The greatest investment is listening to others. You hear their heart, dreams, questions, and hopes for a better future. At just the right moment, when their hope is weak, you can help them with your love and support.

Investment is something you pour in now, expecting an overflow later. When good things overflow, they pour into all they touch. Generations may be blessed by what you did for someone else.

I would encourage you today, that you are valuable. Your worth is far greater than you yourself see. You are loved by so many around you, and your investment in someone’s life, may give them a new outlook on life altogether.

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