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The Rock Garden

A short story about pouring into someone’s passion, and what it can produce.

The boy loved rocks. His Mom gave him a rock from her business trip when he was three. From then on, he started collecting. His cousins called it his rock garden, but his parents encouraged him to learn everything he could about rocks.

They did that with those things he had a real interest in. When he got to college, he minored in geology, and majored in marketing. He started his own business. The cousins laughed, “the boy with the rock garden finally grew up”, but his parents knew something they didn’t.

Mom and Dad heard the passion a little boy had, not just for his interest, but his love of sharing it with others. They we’re not raising a rock collector, they were raising a passionate person who could influence others. The name of the young new millionaire’s successful marketing firm, Share.

His logo was a rock garden, his motto, “Share your passion”, and his first big purchase? It was a rock. He gave his Mom a necklace, the setting of the diamond was engraved. “Thank you Mom, for the seeds that fill my life.”

His Dad got a car, which was the envy of his son’s cousins. His son was too humble to brag to them, but Dad was so proud of his son he did just a little. Dad ordered a special license plate, ROCKGRDN.

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