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Butter Writing

Writing is like butter, it flavors any subject, but great writing is like herb butter. Herb butter is infused with the flavor of the basil, or other herb. Just as it enhances food, flavor enhances your writing.

Flavor in writing, does not mean overly detailed language, or extreme use of adjectives or adverbs. It’s about accenting your subject, in a balanced way. It’s not about increasing your word count, it’s about increasing the weight of your words; making them count.

Natural flow, is one of the tools to flavor your writing. Even when you introduce the unexpected, natural flow harmonizes details. It gives the elements of your story license to be there. For example, you expect the larger than life giant when you read the story Jack and the beanstalk. You expect a larger than life giant of a man, when reading about Abraham Lincoln.

The way you introduce a character, idea, or concept can make or break your story. This doesn’t eliminate surprises, when done properly, it enhances them. For example, an object introduced in a story within a flea market would be a very different object than one found in a department store. Both can be unusual, but with exceptions, need to fit the story.

Flavor in writing can also mean using language that is not only relatable, but which has a rhythm. It doesn’t have to rhyme, or be lyrical, to have a rhythm to it. Working to make sure your writing has a rhythm to it, will also help develop your voice and writing style.

Lastly, flavor in writing, much like flavor in cooking, comes from experience, and knowing your topic. Even if it’s a subject for a short story, I would encourage you to research it thoroughly. We write best about what we know.

This won’t mean you never write about something new to you. An idea may be new when it comes to mind, but you should be well acquainted by the time you pick up your pen. A person should always be learning in general, as it grows you, as a writer, it will also grow your writing.

Herb butter goes well on either broccoli, a potato, or steak. Flavor in writing enhances any topic the writer addresses. Just like the herb butter, flavor in writing means shaping, growing, and combining ideas to make your writing better.

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