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Sketch And iPainting – Perspective

On one side is a Fountain Pen sketch, and the other is an iPainting in Procreate. They illustrate, not only two different mediums, but Perspective itself. When people look at a subject, or even when one person views a subject at different times, you see something you didn’t before.

This is not only true in art, it’s true in any topic. It’s why God gave us Four Gospels, He wanted the perspectives of different people to share the life of Jesus from their viewpoint. Artists famously paint the same scene multiple times, because of the effect of light on the scene.

You can do the same in situations in your life. If something is puzzling, frustrating, or disturbing you, I would encourage you to look at it from a different angle. I would approach it with a fresh mindset, and you may see it through different eyes. It is all truly about perspective.

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