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So Far

We were a few days in by March 30, 2019, and loving it. Today we still are, of course like then, we were praying we wouldn’t mess things up. Today, we’re still asking questions of those who know a whole lot more than we do, praying for God’s guidance, and enjoying the gift of Noise. I remember how loud silence could be, and I’m so thankful we have precious noise to fill our days.

If you’re a new parent, all I can tell you is, the questions you have are normal. That feeling of will I ever know what I’m doing, they tell me that will never go away, and I’m so thankful for that. The gift of knowing you need help in guiding your children is in itself a gift. Yes it’s good to remember you don’t know everything. It’s more than that, it’s knowing at those times when you feel totally clueless, at least you’re not alone. Someone else has been there, and they can help you figure it out.

Ashley and I love each day’s surprises, and the hands that holds ours. The little hand that reaches out for us. The hands we ask to help us answer his questions. Most of all, the hands we pray will carry us through to where Nicholas needs us to lead him. I remember the excitement, the questions, and the joy, not like it was yesterday, but this morning at 7:00 am, lol.

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