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Early Riser

It was about 4:30 when Nicholas woke up, saying “living room”. I couldn’t help but think, The Son rose early. The Lord Jesus rose before the morning light, because a new day had dawned. For the first time sine the fall of Adam, the way back was revealed.

I also couldn’t help but notice, everyone connected with Our Savior was awake early on that day. Though they didn’t yet know what was going on, they weren’t asleep. The only other person it referenced rising was when Simon Peter stood to go to the tomb. In Luke it literally says that Simon Peter rose, not from sleep, but standing up to go to the tomb.

Simon could now stand, and walk into something he couldn’t before. It wasn’t only redemption in general, but personal victory. Before Calvary he had denied, but there was no denial that something was now different. It was a new day.

The Lord wasn’t wasting a moment, He wanted to send a message to all, it is a new day! No matter who we are, or what we’ve done, we can find redemption in His Light. Nicholas woke up saying, “living room”, and that’s what The Lord transformed a tomb into.

He turned it from a place of death, to a room filled with new life. Today, He can do the same for anyone who wants to meet Him in the start of a new day. Whether you’re already a believer, have not yet made Jesus your Savior, or are looking for a pathway back, He is waiting for you. The Light has broken the darkness, and no matter your situation, Jesus can transform your heart into a “living room”!

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