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Beautiful Grays

Elephants, dolphins, wolves, all are fascinating. They are also animals who come in beautiful grays. While gray may not be the first color you chose when you ran to the crayon box, there is beauty in it.

Our God made beautiful creatures out of a color that would not have been our first choice. Maybe it’s because there’s more gray in my hair now, but I can appreciate things I couldn’t before. Artists will tell you, great painters show the vibrancy of the green in the landscape, through the contrast of their grays.

There is something in your life you view the way we tend to see the color gray. Maybe it’s even a painful memory. I’m not saying it’s beautiful, but that God can bring beauty out of it for you. How do I know, because I’ve seen beautiful grays in my own life.

I was thirty one when I found the love of my life, but those lonely years help me to appreciate my wife. I remember the grays that make the vibrant colors shine more brightly. Tears, and empty arms help us to appreciate the little boy we’ve now been able to hold for two years. Even financial struggles have reminded me that God always provides for us.

In painting, gray can not only be made by mixing white and black, but by mixing blue, red, and yellow. You’re sunrises and sunsets aren’t lost, even in the sea of gray you may be facing. There is beauty there, and the same God Who made the dolphin and the wolf, can take the pain of your situation, and produce something beautiful. If we bring it to Him.

Grays was never meant to be the only color. God placed the gray elephant in the vibrant colors of the jungle, don’t allow your pain to isolate you. Let it draw you nearer to The Creator. The One Who can take even the most painful dark moments of your life, mix them with His love, to make someone as beautiful as you are in His eyes.

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