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Hand Raised In My Arms

We were at Church today, during the Altar service, and Nicholas our two year old was tired. He was laying down in my arms, but The Man Of God was speaking, and he raised his little arm. Say what you want, but this little boy knew enough to know, it was time to praise The Lord.

You might say this little boy was born in an altar. Prayers, tears, and Love met together to make that little boy a reality. I capitalized Love because God is Love, and His Love said yes to two people who longed for a child.

So when Nicholas reaches up to The Father Who gave us our son, we rejoice. There’s a lot he doesn’t yet understand, for that matter there is a lot I don’t understand, and that’s okay. As the old song says, we don’t have to understand, just keep holding to His hand.

My little boy reaches up for God’s hand, and so can you. His parents know firsthand what can happen when you meet God there. I can promise you, when you reach up to Him, that He will reach back out to you, and hold you in His arms.

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