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Influencer Beyond Today, After Tomorrow

I have been a student of history most of my life. As a reader of history, you are introduced to an amazing list of individuals from different periods of time. These men and women do not leave the scene without influencing their time, and generations who follow after.

To illustrate in our own US history, decades after the White House, you hear surnames in all areas of culture. The name Lincoln occupied the office of US Secretary Of War long after his Father had been President. Theodore Roosevelt’s grandson worked for the CIA in the fifties. The name Adams works in government today.

Whether Democrat, Republican, American or another nation, families have followed their namesakes into the service of others. Beyond famous names, politics, or even historical significance, families influence more than their today, or their own tomorrows.

I heard one Minister explain that we carry with us the generations before us. As a Dad, I can tell you, when Nicholas hears my voice, he hears a mixture of influences that have formed, rescued, and led me. How vital it is, for us all to remember, our today is so much more important than we realize.

We may view it as a Tuesday, but thirty years from now, a word spoken on that Tuesday may affect how your grandchildren raise their kids. There is not simply a day that does not matter. Every moment counts, each second is linked to the future. This doesn’t mean we will get them all right, or that mistakes can not be corrected, but how much they matter.

If you feel insignificant, unimportant, or not heard, I would like to encourage you today. While I completely understand those feelings, I can tell you they’re never accurate. You’re significance will continue speaking long beyond your lifetime. God not only made you special, He placed in you purpose and importance. As for being heard, words are like seeds, they do not dissipate into the air, but are sown into the fabric of time. They will multiply and produce a harvest.

Lincoln, Adam’s, Roosevelt, these men did not influence generations from the moment they became President, but every year before, during, and after. Your influence is felt, not because of your current position, but because of your God given importance. You make a difference, people are watching, and will imitate tour choices in the future.

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