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iPainting The Two Twains

Earlier this week, we talked about Einstein’s doubts about Faith. This led to revisiting another famous and interesting man. History tells us that, when it came to Faith, Mark Twain was of two minds. He had a belief in God, but he struggled.

Yet, he had an experience in connection with his visit to Jerusalem. He was moved by the area where they believed was Golgotha, where Christ died. While Mark Twain had doubts, they say he wanted to believe. God is not troubled by our doubts, He’s dealt with them since the Garden.

While doubts can lead away from God, they can also lead towards Him. It is true that the answer to a question, depends on who you ask. Abraham had questions, and he became the father of faith.

Moses had questions, and God said you are My choice to lead Israel out of Egypt. Saul of Tarsus had a question, and God used him to write most of The New Testament. If you have questions, may I encourage you tonight, to ask The One you have questions about?

He is a conversation away from answering. Now, don’t be surprised that He may use unexpected methods to give you an answer, but God will answer. All we have to do is to listen for His answer. For just like Mr Twain’s experience, God will answer in connection with His cross.

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