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Joy And The Frog

It is older than the instrument it plays, and yet it would stand silent without it. Long before what we know as the violin existed, the bow played other instruments. This duet has each transitioned from their origin, but have married their future to each other.

The mechanism on the end part of the bow responsible for tightening and holding the bow hair ribbon, is called a frog. This is appropriate, as the bow and it’s instrument have hopped all over the world. Every nationality has heard the pair’s union.

Together, this partnership has given hope to those who endured the horrors of the Holocaust. It has inspired patriots to fight against tyranny. Nobility and peasant alike has found solace in their song.

The bow is described as a tension stick, and the violin’s basic root means joyful. Music relieves tension, brings joy, and inspires others to write their own stories of hope. What can we learn from the violin and it’s silent partner?

That it’s not about who’s voice is heard, as long as they are in rhythm. Uniting with someone to spread joy and encouragement is more important than recognition. Like the violin and bow, when working together is the primary goal, a harmony is produced that will touch generations across the world.

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