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Three hundred years before the Israeli Declaration Of Independence, in 1648, Ferdinand III gave the Jewish community of Prague a flag for helping fight off Swedish attackers during the Thirty Years War. While not exactly the same as today’s, it bore the Star Of David.

Others would contribute to it, but three hundred years before Israel returned to their homeland, they had the symbol of their flag. What could you and I do today, that might expect someone hundreds of years later? We do not know, and neither did the Jews of Prague.

What they did know was this, there was a need. When you act to meet the needs of others, God will never forget your sacrifice. What you and I do today, may impact our grandchildren, and their grandchildren.

I would encourage you today, find a need and pour into it. Fill this need, not so someone will meet yours, but because there is a need. Raise a standard for the hurting, and God will unfurl blessings that can be seen across history itself.

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