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Unseen Blessings – The Carrot On The Road

The rabbit crawled from his burrow, saw the carrot, grabbed it, and went back inside. That’s what the rabbit saw. The carrots journey was somewhat longer.

The carrot was planted, grew, was picked, washed, and packed on a truck, until the bump happened. That’s what the carrot saw, the bumps story was longer.

The bump happened one day when the rock was jarred, and rolled down a hill onto the road. It was quietly covered with dirt as the months past, until the farmers truck hit it, and disturbed it. That’s what the bump saw, but his story, and the farmers were longer.

The farmer woke up early during the planting season, planted carrot seed, watered, watched, and harvested it. He packed it on the truck until hitting the bump blew a tire, and knocked the vegetables off the truck. That’s what the farmer saw, and what the bump felt, but God’s story was longer.

He caused the carrot to grow to feed the rabbit. God caused the bear to jar the rock, to roll it onto the road. He caused the truck to hit the bump, and blow the tire. God answered the farmer’s prayer for safety on his journey, by causing him to be delayed. This was just long enough to be kept from the accident a mile ahead.

What we see, is only a small part of the picture. Our story interacts with others, but God orchestrates our safety, and our provision. He positions us at the right place, for the right time for our good.

The rabbit crawled out, the rock rolled, the carrot fell, the man had a sudden jolt, but each was an unseen blessing. I pray that I’m as thankful for what I didn’t see Him do, as for what I have. The seen is great, but often the unseen is even greater.

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