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Faith Bought The House

John 20:27 (KJV)
27 Then saith he to Thomas, Reach hither thy finger, and behold my hands; and reach hither thy hand, and thrust it into my side: and be not faithless, but believing.

I am living in a house that I could not afford to buy. It’s a four bedroom, two bathroom house with a garage. It’s on basically a flat lot. That in and of itself is a list of miracles, because the first house I had had only a small segment of flat land. Let me tell you how Faith Bought The House.

We lived in a two bedroom, one bathroom duplex. My wife Ashley felt we needed something bigger. I looked at the budget and thought, there is no way. I told her, “You find us a house”, not believing at that point it was possible.

Notice, the title is Faith Bought The House, not TJ. In the process, we saw some clunkers, and then we saw the home we have lived in for, going on 11 years. I already told you it was bought so no spoilers there.

What I hadn’t told you is, we didn’t have the money to buy the house. We didn’t have the money for a down payment. I told my realtor that, and they kept coming back wanting money, and I kept saying no.

This is where a Man Of God is so vital for your life, even in areas people don’t necessarily ask for counsel in. I walked away from that deal, at least, fifteen times. He told me he believed that God was working, and so I went back. We moved in, no down payment, paying a little over the same amount as that two room duplex.

Faith moves God, and in this case my wife Ashley had faith, and I didn’t at first. Yet, there are times when God will do whether you have the Faith for it or not. Please note, that doesn’t mean He will do it in your life, but He will do it in someone’s life.

So here’s my question for you. If God is going to do it anyway, for someone who has Faith, shouldn’t it might as well be you? If He is going to fulfill someone’s dream, why not it be yours?

In my case, it wasn’t that God was so concerned about my lack of initial Faith for the house. Instead, He was using the house to prepare my Faith for the house God wanted to build our family. You see, my concern was a physical house, and God’s concern was a Spiritual and Generational house.

It’s a whole lot easier to believe God for a baby when you wake up in a house that looked impossible. Maybe that’s why Abraham could believe for Isaac. He left Haran without a lot, and now he had so many servants he had his own army.

That house I didn’t have the Faith for, heard a baby cry. The house that I thought cost more than we could afford to pay, heard our child’s first words. Moreover, the house I didn’t think we could afford, was approved by the caseworkers as a place to raise a family.

There are times in our life, Faith will buy on credit, what you’re not ready to Yet. The keyword is Yet. Jesus spent three and a half years with Disciples who had doubts, but He was sowing their Faith. By the time they were Apostles, all of them had Faith to move mountains.

All of them had Faith to pray for God to raise the dead, and see it happen. All of them had Faith to see the blinded eyes smile back at them, and hear the deaf speak His Praise! You see, God said I’ll take you with what you got, but I’ll produce more in you to get you to where you need to go.

Ashley, Nicholas, and I have seen enough to know, God can do more than what you can dream. He can do more than you can understand, and that is where God excels. We’ve determined to always to make room in our lives for God of Faith that built a house for us. I would encourage you to do the same!

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