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Recipients Of Bravery

For generations, men and women embraced the idea of freedom. So much so, they championed liberty in fox holes, behind enemy lines, in submarines, and in jungles. When freedom needed warriors they had no shortage of heroes.

Today we honor the hearts of the brave, and the tenacity of their spirit. Our freedoms bought with days of commitment, hours of hardship, and moments sacrificed. These lives will ever have Lincoln’s words as their narration, and Washington’s admiration.

A hero does not choose their course, they simply answer the call. Whether that call was in the frost bitten air of Pennsylvania, or the sandy dust of Afghanistan, they met danger and defeated it. May we never forget the lives who gave all, so we could have all that liberty purchased for us.

From our first celebration of victory, to walking on the moon and beyond, we honor those who paid the price. The riches of freedom, purchased by warriors, and gifted to every American. In a very real sense, we all are heirs of legends, recipients of bravery’s fortune.

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