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National Tailors Day 2021

Today is National Tailor’s Day, and I didn’t know it. It just came to mind to look up today’s holidays. Separately I was looking at pictures, and I found this story I had written at least fourteen years ago. God’s timing is perfect.

The Father and his adult Son stood in front of where their shop used to be. It had stood for years, Guiseppe & Son, but had been destroyed in the earthquake. Silently they began to survey the damage.

The Father remembered how he had taught his son at the bench in the corner. It was also where his Father had taught him, and his Father before that. The shop went back for seven generations. All he could think about was his Grandson, who had not yet been taught the Family business.

His Son searched for something to comfort his Dad. He remembered the many times people had offered to buy the shop and make them rich. But his Dad refused, the shop was more than just a business. It was a symbol of Family. They didn’t always have much, but they loved each other.

His Father always said, “GOD has made us therichest Family in town!” The Son put his arm around his shoulder, hugged him, and the two turned to leave. It was then when they saw it laying in the rubble. Everything else was marred, scarred, and destroyed.

Yet this was untouched, as if GOD’s Angel held it while all else was falling. It was the only gold they owned, the first Guiseppe had worked a year just to afford to buy it. In the rubble was a golden sign, “Guiseppe & Son Tailors: A Family of Tailors & A Family Tailored By The Hand OfGOD.”

“Come on Dad, we’ll rebuild, it’s gonna be fine. Only the building was destroyed. The shop is in good shape.” Trials come, circumstances crumble around us, but when you’re founded on GOD, the important things outlast the storm!

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