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Welcoming Liberty

It was on this day in 1885 that she arrived in New York harbor, unassembled and in crates, on the steamship Isere. There were two hundred thousand people on hand to welcome her. Though she would not be dedicated until October of 1886, she had arrived. It’s easy to forget that the lady who welcomed thousands, was once welcomed herself.

May I ask a question of you today? Who are you welcoming in your daily life? Are you taking the time to be kind to those around you? It may be that, one day, someone in your life will be in the position to welcome others. While none of them may stand in the harbor like the example above, you could inspire the next Disney, Henson, or Jobs.

There is a sad story about Steve Jobs I would like to share. As a proud adopted dad, I’m happy to say he was adopted by a loving couple who cared for him deeply. However, he learned that is biological father had given him away. After his success, he found out that his biological dad owned a restaurant, and went to look at him. Apparently he ordered something, and sat at a table. After a while, he left, never speaking to the person who had not welcomed his arrival in to the world.

All of us have the potential to be welcoming, or rejecting. If we are welcoming, we pour into others some of the heart, kindness, and love that was poured into us. We enable them to pour into others. If we are cold, distant, or uncaring, we may affect not just a day, but there very future.

I challenge you today to go out of your way to better someone else’s day, even in a small way. Who you are warm and welcoming to today, may impact thousands tomorrow. Like those who welcomed Lady Liberty on that June day in 1885, you may become a part of history through your kindness.

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