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God, Alfred, And Uncle Ben

Alfred Pennyworth, Jonathan Kent, Ben Parker, to name a few. What do these names have in common to me? Besides being comic book characters, they remind me of God’s strategic hand in our lives. You see, I never realized it as a child, but the majority of my heroes, were tied in some way to adoption.

A passage of Scripture I had always applied to my own life, as a young man, He sitteth the solitary in families, had deeper meaning than I knew. From my childhood, God was preparing me, not only to be a Dad, but Nicholas’ Dad. I don’t pretend to have been sensitive enough, or smart enough to have realized it, because I didn’t. However I look back, with joy and fascination, at how God orchestrated our story.

I’ve written before how Ashley had similar instances with her childhood stories she loved. It amazes me because we had no idea when we were little that all of these things would be pointers to our future. Most of my days, I have little to no idea what is ahead, but God does.

This used to scare me, now as a Father it brings me comfort. It not only means that, if we will listen, is God working for our needs to supply our child’s, but that God is already active in our son’s future. I do not yet know what he will be, or what talents and skills will fascinate him long term, yet I know this. When Nicholas arrives where the ink is added to the outline, He will see The Artist’s design.

All art is about design as well as beauty. How things connect with each other, for the best possible outcome. We humans have erasers, turpentine, and spare canvases, God doesn’t need all of that. He gets it right the first time, and even when we don’t, He adds to us to make it complete.

You see I didn’t know longing was learning. I didn’t know a Butler and a Batcave were glimpses from my Heavenly Father. Who could imagine Peter Parker’s Adopted Dad’s phrase, “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” wasn’t a word balloon, but a message to a little boy in Richlands Virginia?

I see it now, and am in awe. I’m sure there are a lot more dots from back then I haven’t connected yet, and that’s okay. He will tell me when, and if I need to know. For now there’s a little boy on my arm asleep, who likes guitars and cars, wonder where God will take us next?

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