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July 4th Signers

We read the words of the Declaration Of Independence within safe houses, peaceful states, and a free land. Jefferson wrote it with the threat of death a very real possibility. Each man signed it, affirming his willingness to give his life for freedom, knowing it was the likely outcome.

When Abraham Lincoln sought to speak to the pains of Civil War at Gettysburg, he pointed back to it. Many an American has read it at times when freedom called them to sign their name to it. From Soldiers to Presidents, these words inspired Americans from all walks of life.

Many know the first signature was that of John Hancock, yet many do not know it was his voice that helped later inspire Massachusetts to ratify another document, the Constitution. There are so many stories, both of the signers and Americans of every season since, who’s story we don’t all know. What we do know is we benefit from all of their sacrifices.

For the whole list of signers isn’t limited to 1776. It’s had names added to it from that momentous occasion all the way to 2021. The scratches, loops, and dots that make up their signatures do not fully illustrate the struggles they fought, but they do remind us of the grace in which they made these sacrifices. Today may all Americans celebrate life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

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