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Poem – Purposely Bored

Bored, it’s something that I dread,

To feel this way hurts my heart and head,

For God has been too good

There’s no reason that it should

Rob my joy or bother me

I’m happy and content you see

Still it tries and I’m always puzzled

At how best to cause it to be muzzled

Then I thought of the spelling of this pest

That took care of the rest

B or ed like a boy with oars

Anxious to cross distant shores

Let’s call him simply Ed

Eager to charge ahead

He’s got the paddles but no boat

An idea to keep afloat

Then from Heaven a gentle whisper

Brought understanding made it crisper

Bored is not your enemy but a friend

For the dispatch was Heaven’s wind

To mold, shape and to form

A craft to weather a new storm

Every trial is from God allowed

To break up soil and cause to be plowed

So seed can be planted and started to grow

Don’t you know He loves you so

An any boredom you may feel

Is only a servant to accomplish His Will

A spark, a starter, this persistent flame

I’ll never look at Boredom quite the same

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