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The Main Course

In life, we all have things that we are passionate about. Whether it’s writing, rock climbing, or photography, we all have things we are passionate about. Whether they are passions, or simply hobbies, these make good dishes, but bad entrees. Appetizers are wonderful, but never as filling as the main course.

Priorities are vital in life. Extra things are good seasoning, flavors that may even make up a substantial part of our personality, but they are not the main part. We are not, what we do, or even what we like. I’ve watched the greatest people in my life, place their passions on hold so that I could have their love, time, and attention.

Because of their example, though I make plenty of mistakes, I try to do the same thing for my family and friends. It’s not that they or I don’t take time for ourselves, but that we balance things. You have to have some time to recharge, but my purpose for recharging isn’t passions and pursuits, instead it is the core people and principles of my life.

First is my Faith in God. He is the reason that I have been blessed with everyone and everything that I have. My relationship with Him is the most important aspect of my life. Next is Family, and for me, that word doesn’t only mean those who share my name. To me family means those who share my heart, in other words the family tree limbs may not touch, but we are deeply rooted together. Faith, Family, and Friends mean the world to me.

After all of these, never before, comes my passions, hobbies, and interests. I deeply enjoy writing and painting, but I love time in God’s Presence, holding my wife and son, and sharing moments with my loved ones. I’ll forget things written, drawn, and painted, but people are etched on my heart. So pass the green beans, make sure I get plenty of stuffing and sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving, but don’t forget the main course.

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