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Disguised Blessings

The Blessings of yesterday, came disguised as trials. God said to Israel, more than once, you will eat for years from what was planted in one season. I did not understand this when I read it.

I understood it logically, but not emotionally. I had experienced it as both a child and a young man, though I didn’t realize it. I was feasting on what others had planted years ago. Today, I look back at my life, and I see.

I remember a situation in our lives, when we were first married. A need arose, and though a struggle, we planted a seed in a family member’s life. I was naive enough to think it was for them. They were blessed by it, but little did I know, eleven years later, in a time of challenge, we would be sustained from that season’s crops.

Whether you are in a sewing season, or a reaping one, I’d like to encourage you. What you plant today, you will eat several tomorrows from today. What you eat today, was planted long before you were born. Please don’t over analyze, or focus on your trial too heavily.

It isn’t easy, and you can’t determine today, whether your trial is a disguised blessing, hidden lesson, or obstacle to overcome. What you can do, is bring them all to Jesus, and be faithful. If you do those two things, He will remind you one day, as you walk through your living room.

He will say, you remember how upset you were at the sacrifices of that day, and now I’m still feeding you from that blessing in disguise? You will be at once grateful, in awe, and aware of how much you need to trust Him. Then you will look at today’s challenge, and wonder at how many will be fed by it tomorrow.

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