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Heart, Brain, And Spine

Centuries before men formed theories of how the Earth hung in space, people still walked on its soil. Before people argued whether it was round or flat, seasons still changed. Before men orbited the moon, while they still dreamed of crossing the oceans, fish still fed the fishermen.

Today we can view Venice from our living room, order products from Paris online, and have food from California shipped to Atlanta. Yet for all of our knowledge, we are so anxious to prove how much we know. Leaders from every walk of life will tell you a secret, it’s not about having answers, but asking the right questions.

If you read history, some of the saddest people in the world, have been geniuses. This was not true of all, but of many. They knew so much, yet smiled so little. It was not that their knowledge wasn’t impressive or lacked importance, but knowledge alone is like money sitting in a vault. It gathers dust, and gets old when left alone.

The same can be said of those who live focused only on emotions. Passions may excite for a season, but just like those who trust solely in knowledge, they are incomplete by themselves. Others have prized stability as their solace from trouble. They don’t strive to stand out, or follow the thrill of the crowd, they just seek to get by quietly. In the end, many of them share the same longing of the other two groups.

This is why God gave us the combination of brain, heart, and spine. We have been blessed with the ability to contemplate and be thankful. To return love with our heart, and to stand strong in times of adversity. All of these were gifts given to every age of man. They weren’t discovered by a scientist, dug out by an adventurer, or built by daily commitment.

Knowledge, passion, and commitment enhance lives, but God gave us the gift of happiness, fulfillment, and stability when we rely on Him. Children are the happiest of us all, not because they have all the answers, but because of something else. They have the ability to have faith, the desire to ask questions, and something else.

Both linguists and musicians will tell you, to learn a language or an instrument well, learn it as a child. Their ability to both learn, and to commit to something is amazing. Children are smart enough to know that they don’t know everything, and they are okay with that.

Whether in the space age, or the dark ages, our lives are a gift from God. A God that thought enough of us to give us knowledge. A Father Who loved us enough to give us a heart like His, with the ability to feel deeply. An as a Stedfast Creator, He equipped us to stand when the battle grows weary. Today I’m thankful that He gave us a firm foundation, a heart to reach for the stars, and the ability to understand how to get there.

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