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The Face Of The Bear

Among animals, the face of a bear is unique. It doesn’t look like a lion, a lamb, a cat, or a dog. It’s different from any animal you can name, and even in the family of bears, there are different bear faces.

Isn’t. it amazing, that God would so uniquely create things from a the small snowflake to the large bear, and beyond. Without even discussing the whales and creatures of the sea, there is uniqueness in every corner of creation.

While it’s amazing, it should not be surprising. The same God made you and I, billions of people over the course of history, and He didn’t use a cookie cutter. He speaks to each of us individually, and knows our own unique dreams and concerns. Siblings can have like dreams, but they are still different in so many ways.

God is a God of individuals, not just a God of groups. God didn’t speak to the nation, He spoke to the childless man and called him the father of many nations. God didn’t speak to the thousands in Egypt, He spoke to the man at the burning bush. He moved for thousands, but He moved for them as individuals.

God made us, and He cares for us. He knows our hearts, our hopes, and our concerns. He will heal the broken hearts, restore our hopes, and answer every concern. He sees your face, He made it. He knows how to dry our tears, as surely as He made the face of the bear.

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