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The View From Inside

Have you ever thought about the view from inside a lighthouse? At first glance, you may say it’s the same as on a boat, but it’s not. There are several advantages the lighthouse keeper has.

For one, they are looking out a window from dry land. It may be an island in the middle of the sea, but it’s more secure than a boat in the middle of the sea. Next, they are looking out from a consistent environment. The weather may change, but they don’t have to fear the storm in the same way a sailor does.

The ones inside are looking from a place of rest. They came from a bed, not affected by the waves underneath it, because of a foundation that doesn’t move. Finally the lighthouse sits higher than the ship on the sea, it’s a place of elevation.

When someone asks me, what advantages are there to being a Christian in a world of chaos for all, I have an answer. I’d rather be in a place of light, consistency, and that has a foundation. One that not only has a Heavenly perspective, but is waiting to go higher than the bounds of this world. To me, the view from inside, is the only safe way to view the world today!

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