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Verbal Steering

Be mindful of others. It’s very easy, it’s very human, to be so focused on what we’re facing that we miss things. If not careful, without any intention of doing it, we can miss other’s needs.

One tool to counteract this, is verbal steering. This is purposely working to verbally steer conversations to other’s. This is not about probing, but it’s more than just saying how are you doing. It’s an active effect to show those you value, how much you care.

I’m a student of, and far far from an expert at it, but I strive towards it. It’s primarily about caring for others, but you’ll learn things in the process. First you’ll learn how they are, what they are facing, and ways you can invest into their lives.

This will tell them, possibly in a difficult time, that they matter, and that someone cares. Some days we need this desperately, even if not going through a visible crisis. If they’re having a good day, this may be an anchor towards their next challenge.

Second, you may learn something that helps you in some way. This isn’t the reason, but it’s a benefit of caring. Care for others and you will be cared for. Love poured out overflows your fountain, God designed it this way.

Third, you will teach others in your lives how to care for others. I learned to care for people from those who cared for me. I hope I can pass this along to the people I am privileged to teach something along the way.

How are you all doing? Every person reading this is important. There is someone in your life that cares about you, even if it’s not always obvious. Please never allow events to make you doubt how special you all are.

We may never meet, but anyone who reads my posts are important to me. They have added value to my life by allowing me to, hopefully add value to them. It is my prayer today, that each of you realize God makes masterpieces. We need His help to reveal the beauty, but He crafts us all with a vision in mind.

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