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iPainting Poirot Investigates

I inherited my love of mystery from my Mom. Figuring out who done it was fun, especially watching her figure it out before the victim was revealed. In ten minutes she could tell you not only who would do what wasn’t done yet, but who it was going to be done to also. Now in some cases I can do that, but I saw her do it first.

To me, the best at writing mysteries, also a woman, was Agatha Christie. As much as I love Sherlock Holmes, Dame Agatha had tricks Sir Arthur hadn’t thought of. Her version of a brilliant detective was played beautifully by Sir David Suchet.

As a Christian, I love mystery because it was a creation of God. He placed mysteries in nature for man to discover. The adventure of discovery began with a Heavenly Father hiding things for His children to find. Before any parent hid Easter eggs, God hid things like photosynthesis, chemistry, and weather trends for man to discover.

If you have a mystery in your life that you can’t solve, and I’ve had several, I would recommend taking them to The One Who created mystery to begin with. I promise you, once you reach out to Him, He will masterfully resolve your issue. He already knows who did it, why, and what to do about it. Unlike Agatha, everybody can end up happy at the close of His book, even the murderer, just ask Moses and the Apostle Paul.

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