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iPainting Give Me Your Tired

“Give me your tired, …” the wonderful things about the words of this incredible poem tied to Lady Liberty, is that it speaks to every American. There have been times in our country when tiredness hit.

Washington was no doubt tired at Valley Forge. Abraham Lincoln was tired after years of war. Roosevelt felt it, but one look at our freedoms, our purpose, and the unique God given gift we have, and they were revived.

Washington received the strength needed, not only to win the American Revolution, but to lead the country as President for two terms. Lincoln received the strength to comfort a weary nation at Gettysburg. President Roosevelt received the strength to inspire America to go beyond his lifetime.

I offer no political opinion. I make no argument. Instead I offer this hope, it’s the same hope I was taught as a young man, with Lady Liberty and the American Flag in my mind’s view. “One nation under God, indivisible, with liliberty, and justice for all.” At this refresh all Americans, as it has our greatest Americans who went before.

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