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The Tides Of Heaven

I would encourage you today, to pray for someone you know that has a need. Even if you are going through a storm yourself, praying for someone else, will make a difference. It is by God’s design, the engine of change in this world.

It intercedes first and foremost for someone you love. Prayer petitions Heaven to move in their need. God may have placed them on your heart, to answer through your prayer, their need.

Second, often it reveals that your hands and feet may be God’s agent in their situation. Perhaps something you have, or can do, will meet their need. Even if it’s only a text of encouragement, or a small gift to say you care, it means so much.

Thirdly, it empowers you to speak into someone else’s life. I strongly believe, and have seen the evidence of what prayer can do. I have been in situations where, prayer and only prayer, turned disaster into victory. Physically, financially, mentally, emotionally, and relationally, I have seen it happen.

It can also reassure you about your situation. Praying for others helps to lessen that sense of helplessness we may feel about our situation. While we may not be able to do certain things, we can do the most important thing. You and I can pray for others.

Finally, it reminds us that not only is God active in their situation, He has someone interceding for us. I have seen so many times where others were totally unselfish, putting needs before their own. I have also watched God meet their needs while they worked to meet another’s needs.

You cannot intercede for someone, without God both rewarding it, and enacting someone else to intercede for you. Prayer is not a dry, one way conversation. It is the current of the tides of Heaven.

God places someone on your heart, you petition His throne, He answers, while laying your need on the heart of another. When we plunge into the River of prayer, we fill up not only our nets, but the nets of those around us.

In this day we live in, there are no shortage of opportunities to pray. We must only look around us to see an opportunity. I pray we will seize the moment, and intercede for our brothers and sisters daily. I know someone is praying for me, and I’m praying for someone.

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