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Poem Beyond September

The following poem is dedicated to every American. To each of our countryman who either experienced, or was affected by 9/11. May God Bless America.

Twenty years ago, I remember

The dust covered which escaped

It changed our lives beyond September

Our eyes widened, our mouths gaped

Not only at the loss, but each hero

Those who ran, not walked in

To save any possible at Ground zero

I see the flag raised by the firemen

The Pentagon and a Pennsylvania field

A country in Prayer, united to stand

We began the battle, to win and be healed

Fighting for our free and special land

I still see when labels fell away

We were all American made

Go any distance, scale any wall

Our commitment and love must not fade

Together, under God, we can face any foe

We can overcome any pain, any evil

Any question, any fear, any woe

As Jefferson wrote, We The People

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