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Jim Henson Day

As a child growing up, I knew that certain people were fascinating. Among them were Walt Disney, Bob Ross, and Jim Henson. This was the man who, invented not only the Muppets, but as far as I was concerned invented Sesame Street, and later Fraggle Rock.

I know now he was not the only one behind Sesame Street of course. I also know that while he created the Muppets, he welcomed other voices, like Frank Oz. That’s part of what I admire about him and Walt Disney.

They opened up avenues for people to do things they never could have alone. From the Sherman Brothers to Oscar the Grouch, they had a very special person to unlock a door for them.

Today we remember Jim Henson and all the Dreamers who introduced us to talking frogs, pompous pigs, and lovable, if not wokka wokka, bears.

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