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The Butterfly In The Cherry Blossom Tree

We hope you enjoy this new children’s story from PruittWrites, The Butterfly In The Cherry Blossom Tree, and our little Spark.

On the top of a large, beautiful mountain filled with life, is a cherry blossom tree. A gentle breeze wakes up the little butterfly Spark, who lives there. He wakes, and flies to the top branch for a bath in one of the cherry blossoms filled with morning dew.

From another flower, Spark drinks water for his breakfast, and flies down to meet his friends. He talks to every bug, from the hopping grasshopper, to the old beetle. He talks to the squirrels, rabbits, and other animals who share his tree. Spark never ventures far from home.

At lunch, he drinks the honey that drops into the cherry blossoms, from the hive on the western branches of the tree. Then it’s time for his school lesson with Lady Bug and the others. Spark loves to learn about the wonderful big world they inhabit.

After school, it’s time for his dinner, a feast, one whole cherry blossom leaf. Finally, he settles down in his little home near the top of the tree to watch the big show. As the sunset washes the mountain like watercolors, in vivid reds, oranges, greens, and purple he smiles with glee.

Finally the big blue sky is now dark, and Spark is getting sleepy. His wings wrapped around him like quilts and blankets, he sinks into his bed. By now, the family of fire flies are flying by.

“They look like shooting stars”, he always thinks to himself. Every night, he starts to count them. “One, two, three, yawn, four” Spark never makes it past four, as by now he is fast asleep, and onto dreamland.

The little butterfly loves to dream. He dreams of captaining a flying pirate ship through he clouds. Then there’s the dream where he rides on the back of the eagle to see the world beyond the mountain. Spark’s favorite dream, is always the last one. It’s where he dreams of the day ahead. Spark, in his cherry blossom tree, on the top of the beautiful mountain, with all his friends.

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