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Familiar Unfamiliar

Today I find myself in a familiar place, for a strange reason, ever been there? I’m at the hospital for a routine test, but it’s one I’ve been at many times with my wife. I’m used to being the one in the waiting room until they are finished with her.

Today I’m the one that will go back with the doctor. It’s not my favorite spot, but the God I’ve trusted to bring Ashley back to me, I trust today. The place is familiar, the situation isn’t. When you find yourself in a familiar bit strange place, what do you do?

For me, first and foremost I trust God. He is my keeper whether we realize we’re in a strange situation or not. The truth is, God watches over each of us every minute, like a Father watching His children sleep. Our rest is not in our situation, our rest is in our God.

I believe that at the name of Jesus every knee must bow, whether it’s spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, financial, and every other category. All bows to The One Who bowed Himself to enter this world at Bethlehem. Our hope, our joy, our peace, is present even when we are not in a peaceful place.

I don’t know what you’re facing, the truth is, til it’s over none of us know what we’re facing, but I know this. David didn’t need a redo with Goliath, but he did with Uriah. Whether we get it right, or we get it wrong, God is able. He is also patient, merciful, kind, and generous.

Whether you’re in a strange place for the first time, or you’ve been here before, know this. God has been here before, and successfully. As Pastor Denny Livingston said, God is always bigger than the giant facing you.

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