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The Writing Why

Why do we desire to write? What is the purpose of our writing? For me, I knew from an early age that writing a book was important. I can’t really pinpoint the exact moment, but I knew. I knew that I felt it was important for me to write a book. Since then, I’ve discovered it is part of my life’s calling, to write and serve others through my writing.

As to the purpose of writing itself, it is about service to others. From informing to entertaining, most mediums involve some form of writing. Whether it’s a guideline or script for video, or cue cards for a comedian, words are involved. Writing is about service, and communication. You cannot serve those you cannot connect too, and writing is an amazing way to connect.

Concerning your reason to write, while I may not know, I can take a guess. My guess is you desire to write because of four reasons. First, it’s a desire to accomplish this particular goal. Writing is doable, but not always easy, and in completing it you climb a mountain you had not before. Second as a person of faith, I believe it’s a God given gift, and if you feel compelled to write, I would suspect you are called to write.

Thirdly, if you are compelled to write, that means you have some knowledge, or experience you can share with others to better them. You are a unique combination of knowledge and experience that is only you. You have something to share with others. Whether’s its nonfiction or your version of a fairy tale for kids, you can make someone’s life better through your words.

Finally fourth, you place a moment in time on paper. You share yourself, your thinking, and your outlook with others. We still know, hundreds of years later, what men like Charles Dickens, George Washington, and Winston Churchill thought, because they shared it. You may ask what relevance that is to you, but Churchill’s thoughts helped America through September 11th. That one moment in time of your writing, may change someone else’s lifetime.

Tomorrow let’s talk more about the tools and application of writing, but for today I hope you not only write your 500 words, but you realize how important and rewarding the act of writing can be. This is true both in your own lives, and the lives your writing will touch.

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