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The Application Of Writing Part One

It’s the fourth definition of the word application, but for our purposes I’d like to look at it. It is defined as the practical conclusion or lesson to be derived from a speech or writing. I like this because it references both the writer and the reader. Good writing, I believe, serves both writer and the reader well.

Writing that can be applied to someone’s life in some way, is valuable. This isn’t only writing that is inspirational, motivational, or instructive. It can be true of good fiction too, a story that connects with the reader, they can apply to their own journey.

The application of writing, of serving the reader, comes from several areas. One of which is for the writer to take care of themselves, and their families, in the process of writing.

You’ll notice this is posted later than normal. That is partially because it is Sunday, a day when we go to worship. It’s also because we took our son to the pumpkin patch after Church, as part of a trip with our youth. He loved the animals, slides, and playing with his cousin Ava.

Serving the reader doesn’t mean writing with abandon. It also doesn’t mean sacrificing the writer’s life to serve the reader. For writing to have true application for the reader, it has to come from a healthy place for the writer.

Writing is a serving relationship, where the writer entertains, informs, and instructs the reader. To do this well, the writer must be rested, energized, and well rounded. It doesn’t mean you never write tired, I’ve written at 3 am with a sleeping baby in my arm. It does mean that you serve the reader out of a healthy storehouse, otherwise the writing can’t be truly applicable to the reader.

In the process of writing your book, for the next few weeks, build in time for yourself and your family. This will make you a better writer. Does this mean that some days you won’t get 500 words written, probably.

That’s why you consistently write 500 words, because some days you’ll write more, and those days will average out the others. It also means that the more you write, the easier you will find you can write. Eventually you’ll find the writing that took you an hour, can come in thirty minutes, and you’ll have time for ice cream.

The application of writing is a tool, like writing itself. It’s easy to become overly focused with something that is important, but when applied correctly by both the writer and the reader, it will enhance both of their lives. A very real truth is, writing changes a person, and it changes the writer the most. In changing the writer, they can better serve the reader. Let’s continue talking about the application of writing tomorrow.

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