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Writing Your Beginning

Nanowrimo begins tomorrow, the day when people across the world will begin to write their book. Some of us got started a few days ago, either way it’s a good season to start writing.

I’m posting a little late tonight, but it the day was amazing. We have been at our Church today Point air Mercy, for service and for Trunk Or Treat, it was tremendous. I mention this, not only because it was a wonderful day, but because there was still time to write.

There is time to tell your story. It may take longer than you expect, and that’s okay. Every story is different, but your story is worth the wait. Writing is an adventure, and it’s well worth the time and effort it will take.

One way of making time is to capture spare moments. Those few minutes when you’re setting on the sofa can be a good time to jot down a few ideas. We can talk more about this tomorrow, but I’m excited about being part of your adventure.

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